Blossoms Collection: Wildflowers - Nature's Original Free Spirits

Spring is one of my favorite times of the year. Not only does the weather change and bring warmer temperatures and the beginning of longer days, but it also feels like it gives us all a fresh start. And to me, there is no better change than the emergence of colorful flowers blooming that you haven’t seen for a while. One day there is nothing, and the next day, they are growing like weeds everywhere.

These spring flowers are the inspiration behind my new Blossoms Collection.  I wanted to create flowers that are a bit larger than most of my flower designs so that the flower takes center stage, but also have them contain a lot of detail and be very three-dimensional. This new flower collection is handcrafted from sterling silver with accents in either 10kt or 14kt gold, or set with colorful gemstones.

The first design in this new collection are the wildflowers, mainly because they are some of the first blooms to poke their heads out of the ground, and because they grow in some of the most unlikely places. I love their independent spirit in that they grow with no nurturing or human intervention and despite this they thrive.

Wildflower jewelry in sterling silver

Wildflowers symbolize resilience, beauty, and strength. The perfect flower for the free spirit, or for someone who is currently, or who has endured a really rough time in their life. These flowers are the promise of overcoming obstacles, being true to yourself by believing in yourself, and moving forward with grace, strength and determination.

So, here is to all of you wildflowers out there! You are a boss babe and you rock! Wear that wildflower proudly and go claim your favorite in the Blossoms Collection

Enjoy the beauty of Spring!