Repairs and Resizing

I guarantee my jewelry to be of the highest quality and check over each piece before it is packaged for shipment.  If for some reason you receive your jewelry, and upon wearing it out for the first time, it breaks not by any fault of your own, please contact me ASAP, tell me what happened, and ship it back to me.  It will be fixed at no charge.  

Although I cannot dictate how you wear your jewelry, you should treat it with care, and not be negligent with it or abuse it by wearing it while doing certain activities that could possibly damage it.  (Swimming while wearing it, gardening, participating in sports, etc.)  If after 6 months your jewelry becomes damaged after normal wear and tear without showing signs of unusual stressors, I will fix it for a reasonable fee covering parts and labor.

I do not repair or resize jewelry I did not make.

Resizing Rings
Please be sure you have the correct ring size prior to purchasing a ring by having your finger sized at your local jewelry store. This is the most accurate way to find out the correct ring size you will need, and most jewelers normally do not charge a fee for this service.

If you order a made-to-order ring, but need it resized up to one size, I am happy to do this within the first 30 days of purchase at no charge other than the return shipping cost, which is paid by the customer.  For rings that need to be resized more than one size up, many will need to be completely remade, and you will be charged a fee for this and the return cost of shipping.  If you need your ring re-sized after 30 days of purchase, my ring sizing fee is $30 - $45 for most silver rings, and $65 - $95 or most gold rings, plus return shipping.

For some rings, it may be impossible to resize due to various factors such as stones, the stone settings, and sometimes the design of the ring itself. In this case, a new ring will have to be re-fabricated, and I do charge a fee for this. If re-sizing of a ring is required, please contact me and we can discuss the rates.

Resizing Cuff Bracelets
Please be sure to have the correct wrist size for your cuff bracelet as each one is made for the person who orders it.  In order to resize a cuff bracelet an entirely new bracelet must be made and I do charge a fee for this. 

Resizing Necklaces and Non-cuff Bracelets
If the necklace or bracelet needs to be shortened, the customer is responsible for all shipping charges only.  If the necklace or bracelet needs to be lengthened, the customer will be responsible for a reasonable fee covering the additional parts and labor as well as all shipping charges.