What are Rose Cut Diamonds? And What is So Unique About Them.

The saying goes that "diamonds are a girl's best friend."  Well, rose cut diamonds have been her friend since the Georgian and Victorian eras where they became one of the most popular diamond cuts set in jewelry.  And today, they are making a resurgence with brides who want a non-traditional diamond engagement ring. 

rose cut diamond stacking ring in 14kt gold

During the Georgian and Victorian eras, all diamonds were measured and cut by hand.  Rose cut diamonds were unique because they were specifically cut to sparkle under candlelight, which was the lighting of that time period.  The name "rose cut" comes from the diamond's faceted design which is meant to resemble the petals of a rose bud.  This diamond is cut with a flat back like a cabochon and a domed top covered in triangular facets that would vary from as few as 3 facets up to 24 facets. 

Rose cut diamonds are different than the modern brilliant cut diamonds we are used to seeing set in jewelry. Rose cut diamonds carry all their weight up top, making them to appear a bit larger than their brilliant counterpart that have the same carat weight.  And because they have a flat back, they are much more transparent than a brilliant diamond, making the light actually move through the stone, giving it a more luminous glow and shine.  A brilliant cut diamond has more flash because its peaked bottom reflects light back to the top of the stone making it sparkle. 

rose cut diamonds, white and rustic

Rose cut diamonds are usually round in shape but can also be found, and cut, in other shapes such as oval, marquise, pear, or freeform. The shape of a diamond is determined by the shape of the rough diamond.  And many antique rose cut diamonds are not perfectly round because diamond cutters tried to preserve as much of the original diamond carat weight as possible.  Even today, diamond cutters try to preserve as much of the carat weight but they tend to cut more evenly so a rose cut diamond is generally cut to a more perfect shape.

Since many rose cut diamonds are transparent and have fewer facets than brilliant cut diamonds, any small flaws or inclusions inside the stone will be more visible to the naked eye. Some people like this and some don't, but these inclusions can also help reflect light and color. And in today's market you can find rose cut diamonds in all colors, shapes, sizes, clarity and in rustic diamonds as well.

Rustic rose cut diamonds generally have some color to them as opposed to the the more traditional pure white diamonds.  These rustic colored diamonds come in a range of hues including black, brown, champagne, and even opaque that have been cut and polished, and are completely unique and unexpected.  Salt and pepper diamonds are sometimes referred to as "rustic" because they are not clear white diamonds.

rustic chocolate brown rose cut diamond ring in sterling silver

Originally, rustic diamonds were thought to be unusable, but more recently, these diamonds have found favor with those who want a diamond but also want something really unique and one-of-a-kind with it's own character and personality.  

A diamond does not have to be perfectly clear and brilliant cut to be breathtaking. Each diamond is unique, like a fingerprint, and one that is cut a bit differently than the norm, or has inclusions and patterns within the crystal, is more interesting and unexpected.  

However, not all diamonds are mined in the same way.  There has been a lot of issues with the diamond industry as to how the stones are mined, and the safety, treatment, and wages of the miners who are usually residents of poor countries. 

Back in 2003, the Kimberly Process was established. This organization controls the trading of rough diamonds between its participating countries, making the trade more transparent and secure. They aim to prevent the flow of conflict diamonds while helping to protect the legitimate trade in rough diamonds. 

All the diamonds used in Kryzia Kreations jewelry come from gemstone suppliers who obtain their diamonds from African mines that are in accordance with the Kimberley Process. So, when you purchase a piece of diamond jewelry from Kryzia Kreations, you can be assured that the diamond was mined ethically.

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