Unique Non-traditional Engagement Rings for the Non-Traditional Bride

When it comes to engagement rings, diamonds top the charts. But, what if you are not a diamond girl? What if your favorite gemstone is a pearl or a sapphire, or you like your stones to look more natural or freeform cut? Maybe you are not a fan of gold, but would prefer sterling silver.

There is no rule that says you can’t have a unique engagement ring that is set with a gemstone other than a diamond. And for those brides who like to be authentic and true to themselves and their own individual style, a non-traditional engagement ring is right for you.

Pearl and Rainbow Moonstone Engagement Ring in Sterling Silver

Non-traditional engagement rings can come in many different styles. It can be set with more than one gemstone that you just absolutely love, like the Starlight Ring above set with a pearl and two rainbow moonstones.

You can choose a solitaire ring set with a gemstone you adore that is not the stone’s traditional, popular color, like the Shimmer Ring below set with a natural rustic purple sapphire in a vintage-inspired setting. This one is truly one of a kind!

Rustic Purple Sapphire Ring in Sterling Silver

If you just love nature, pick a ring that reminds you of nature’s beauty every time you look down at your hand like the Wild Thyme Leaf Pearl Engagement Ring.

Wild Thyme Pearl Engagement Ring

If it’s color that you love, and are not specific about gemstones, pick a unique engagement ring that has that color. If you like red, you can choose a garnet. If you like blue, you can choose a blue topaz or a blue sapphire, and if you are head over heals for green, you can choose a peridot or an emerald, like the Green Goddess Emerald Ring.

Green Goddess Emerald Engagement Ring

Or, maybe you do like diamonds, but want something a little more unique than the traditional diamond ring. You could choose a natural rustic diamond that looks like no other, like the Mist Ring set with a rose cut rustic gray diamond.

Rustic Gray Diamond Engagement Ring in Sterling Silver

There are so many options available when it comes to unique non-traditional engagement rings. You could even combine the birthstones of yourself and your fiancé, or choose a stone, or stones, based on their meaning and what properties they have. As long the ring you choose reflects you and the special love you share with the one want to marry, you really can’t go wrong.

You can see all of the unique engagement rings I currently make here. And if you are interested in a custom ring, you can always contact me.