How to Create a Perfect Stacking Ring Set

Stacking rings seem to be everywhere, and they run the gamut from being simple and basic, to going big and bold. These ring stacks are so popular because it is a way where you, not someone else, can create a jewelry look that is as unique as you by reflecting who you are and what you like. And a lot of times, rings tend to commemorate special events that take place in our lives, so why not stack those memories together so that every time you look down at your hand you can remember and treasure them?

So how do you create the perfect stack? Here are a few tips to get you started:

Big and Bold or Soft and Subtle?
First, you need to decide if you want to make a big, bold statement, or go for a more subtle “can be worn everyday” look. If you work with your hands a lot (like I do) big and bold may not be a good idea unless you only plan on wearing your stacking ring set on certain special occasions. But if it’s a set you would like to wear every day, you might want to keep those rings on the smaller side so that they don’t get in the way of doing every day tasks.

You Need a Focal Point
Once you figure out if you are going bold or subtle, choose one ring that will be your focal point. This should be a piece that catches they eye, like something with a pretty, colorful gemstone. My suggestion is to make this ring meaningful, like a birthstone ring, or your favorite gemstone, or a ring that someone special gave you that you love to wear. You want it to catch your eye first.

Add a Little Sparkle
Something that catches the light is always pretty, so why not add a little sparkle to the mix. You can make it a diamond cut band, a small faceted gemstone or diamond, or a fiery opal. It doesn’t have to be big, just something you like.

Mix Up Textures and Colors
Stacking ring sets that mix up colors and textures have a personality all their own. A mix of gold and silver rings is always striking. So is adding a ring or two that has interesting textured bands or bezel settings.

And it never hurts to mix colors which usually play off each other, letting each one stand out. Or if simpler is your look, you can stick with a single shade of stone or band and vary your shapes or textures.

Make It You
Remember there are no set rules to creating the perfect stacking ring set. The most important thing is to make it reflective of you. And above all else, make it a set that makes you happy every time you look down at it.

Happy Stacking!