Diamond: The April Girl's Best Friend and Birthstone

April is not only known as the month for spring showers that bring May flowers, but for also having one of the most expensive gemstones as its birthstone - the diamond.

Diamonds are considered the “king of gems” because they are the most durable of gemstones. They come in a variety of colors, with the clear white diamond being the most sought-after. Each diamond is different, and there are no two exactly alike.

Rose cut diamond stacking ring in 14kt gold

These glittering beauties have a rich history too. Their name originates from the Greek word “adamas” which means unconquerable or invincible. Because of this, Roman soldiers would wear diamonds on their breastplates to ensure they would be protected and conquer their enemies in battle. The Romans also thought that diamonds were either the tears of God, or the splinters of stars that had fallen down to the earth.

According to history, the diamond was first given as a wedding ring back in 1477 when Archduke Maximilian of Austria gave his beloved Mary of Burgundy a simple gold band set with a diamond. He placed it on the third finger of her left hand, believing it contained a vein that connected directly to her heart. This tradition still lives on today, and is just one of the reasons why diamonds became one of the most popular stones to propose with, and why so many engagement rings and wedding bands are set with them.

Today the diamond symbolizes everlasting love and a lifetime of commitment. It is a symbol of purity and faithfulness, and is believed to ensure fidelity, and promote self-confidence and strength as well as intensify the wearer’s own positive energy.

So if the diamond is the “king of gems” then wear them like a queen, and go show the world how invincible you are!