Stackable Birthstone Rings That Tell Your Story in So Many Ways

Jewelry is not just for adornment. Many times it’s personal, and it can say so much about the person who is wearing it, and tell your story.

One of my favorite ways to tell stories with jewelry is through rings. Rings are very personal. They have to be the right size in order to be worn comfortably. And because they are worn on our hands, which we use constantly everyday, they need to fit our lifestyles.

My Moments Birthstone Rings can help tell your story in a few different ways. They can remind you of those you love, like children and family members. Choose the birthstones of those special people in your life and you have a stack of personalized rings that represent each person. This is a great idea for a mother’s gift!

Birthstone stacking rings vintage style

You can also stack birthstone rings to represent special moments in your life that you want to remember always. A friend of mine asked me to create a stack of three birthstone rings that signify the months of some important defining moments in her life. The first ring was for the month she got married. The second ring was for the month her child was born. And the third ring was for the month she beat breast cancer. It was such an honor to make these rings for her!

The birthstone rings don’t even have to represent months, but rather the meaning and energy the gemstones have associated with them. If you want to be reminded of how brave and strong you really are, you can create a stack of amethyst, ruby and citrine, which are all said to either provide protection or promote courage.

If you want to keep yourself always looking on the sunny side of things, you can wear a stack of rings that promotes positivity. Choose from garnet, emerald, tourmaline, and blue topaz - all stones that ether promote happiness or positive vibes.

The stacking possibilities are endless, but the important thing is that the stack represents something that is important to you. This way, every time you look down at your hand, you are either reminded of special people or defining life moments, or feel empowered and inspired.

Happy stacking!