Opal's Magic and Mystery

Opals are extraordinary gemstones because they generally display a variety of colors, yet have a very complicated history as to whether they bring good luck or bad luck to the person who wears them.

Opal and Leaf Pendant Necklace

Back in the middle ages, opals were considered the most precious and highly-valued of gemstones. Because of their flashes of color, they were called the “magician’s stone” because it was thought the many colors made the opal the stone that held the powers of every other gemstone. They became associated with good luck and supernatural power.

However, fast forward to the late 1800’s and the idea that they were good luck stones changed. This idea probably came from the story of King Alfonso XII of Spain who fell in love the Comtesse de Castiglione , but who married his cousin, Mercedes of Orleans, instead. Supposedly the comtesse sent the newly married couple an opal ring as a wedding present for the king’s new wife. After wearing the ring for a few months, the Mercedes mysteriously died.

The king then gave the ring to his grandmother who also died soon after receiving the ring. So, the king then gave the ring to his sister, who died soon after, and then his sister-in-law, who (you guessed it!) died as well.

And then for some crazy reason he decided to wear the ring himself, and he died a month later. Now, they probably all died from one of the plagues that was menacing humanity at that time, but nevertheless, the myth that opals can bring the wearer misfortune, sorrow and bad luck was born.

Opals are one of the world’s most beautiful and surprising gemstones. They are actually considered luck-bringing stones, regardless if it is your birthstone or not. They are the traditional birthstone for the month of October, and are the gemstone gift of choice for those celebrating their fourteenth wedding anniversary.

So, go on and wear your opals and let their mesmerizing array of color attract good things to you!