How to Pack Your Jewelry for Travel

You are itching to get the show on the road for that summer vacation and it cannot come soon enough.  And although you plan on relaxing and enjoying friends and family, you still may have some occasions while you are away where you want to dress up and wear some pretty pieces of jewelry.  But how to pack that jewelry so that you don't have a knot of necklaces or a missing earring when you get there?

I've done this enough times throughout my travels to art shows and vacations to come up with a few tips and tricks.  So here are some ideas that will make both packing and caring for your jewelry while on vacation a little bit easier.

Jewelry Storage Tips:

  • Thread your chain necklaces through a plastic drinking straw.  No tangled chains means no time consuming knots and the possibility of breaking or stretching a chain.
Necklace chain through straw
  • Use a pill-a-day container for separating rings and small pieces of jewelry.  Each has its own separate compartment so they won't get tangled or lost.
  • Slide post and hook earrings through an old button.  This keeps your earrings together as a pair so you don't have to search for a missing earring hiding somewhere in the bottom of your bag.
Earrings in button
  • Pack your jewelry in Ziploc bags.  (These are good for packing toiletries too.)  They will keep your jewelry safe from moisture and scratches.  
  • If you want to get really fancy, spring for jewelry rolls, that contain various straps and pockets that fit everything from necklaces, to bracelets, to earrings, to rings.  You just roll it up and  place it in your bag.  Super easy!

Jewelry Care Tips:

  • You know those silicone bags you get when you buy shoes and handbags?  Save them and pack one or two in with your jewelry to help keep moisture away.  This works great especially if you are going to the beach or a humid climate.  And while you are at it, place a couple in your jewelry box at home as well.
  • When flying, store your jewelry in your carry-on so you have them with you and you don’t have to worry about losing them if you go to one destination and your luggage goes to another.   If you must pack them in your checked bag, place them between, or roll them in, soft clothes to cushion and protect them.
  • Avoid wearing your jewelry in the pool or ocean, or if you're sweating heavily while wearing sunscreen.  The chemicals in both the water and sunscreen can react with certain metals, gemstones and pearls.  It's always best to take off all your jewelry before hitting the water and and the beach and store them in a safe place in your hotel room or rental home.

So there you are!  Now go pack for that vacation and rest easy knowing all your jewelry will be intact once you get there.