How Do I Find My Correct Ring Size Or the Ring Size of Someone Else

Finding the right ring size for your finger can be daunting.  Our hands and fingers come in so many different shapes and sizes, and sometimes finger sizes can vary throughout the day for several reasons. So, I'm going to try to break down this confusing process and show you how easy it can be.

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Find Your Ring Size by Going to a Local Jeweler

The best way to get the most accurate fit is to have your finger measured by a jeweler at a local jewelry store. Most jewelers do not charge for this service, and they use the same standard ring sizing tools as anyone who makes rings.  This is the most accurate way to make sure you have your correct ring size.

Find Your Ring Size by Using a Ring Sizer
The next best way to measure your finger is by using an adjustable ring sizer.  These ring sizers are easy to use, and you can use them over and over again to size any finger on any person. And if you are looking to purchase a ring from Kryzia Kreations, you can order an ring sizer here.

Adjustable Ring Sizer

How to Size Your Finger with an Adjustable Ring Sizer
You want your ring to fit your finger comfortably.  It should be snug enough so it does not fall off your finger or fall past your knuckle, and it should also feel loose enough so it does not feel tight on your finger.  You should be able to slide it over your knuckle with some resistance.

As I mentioned earlier, finger sizes can change throughout the day, depending on temperature, weather, activity, medication you may take, foods you eat, etc. In general, fingers tend to be a little puffy in the morning, they will shrink a little when the temperature gets cold, and expand slightly when the temperature gets hot.  For best results, measure your finger size several times throughout the day to get the most accurate fit.

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Tips on How to Find the Ring Size Of Someone Else
When it comes to finding out someone else's ring size, especially when you want the ring to be a surprise, you have to get a little sneaky. Here are a few tricks I've suggested in the past that seem to work pretty well.

1 - Enlist the Help of Family or Friends
Hands down, I have found this to be the best way to get the information you need.  Just make sure you are asking people who can keep your secret if you want the ring to be a surprise.  They may even already know the person's ring size, or be willing to take them to a jeweler to get their ring finger sized under the pretense that they want to find out their own ring size.

2 - Borrow One of Their Rings
Borrow a ring that they already wear and bring it to a jeweler to find out the size.  It’s important you take note of the finger/hand your partner wears the ring on because fingers on the dominant hand can easily be a half-size or full-size larger than those on the less dominant hand.

3 - Size It on Your Own Finger
If for some reason you can't get the ring away from them to have it sized, take the ring, put it on your finger, and draw a line with a pen where the base of the ring sits. If you can’t run to a jeweler soon after you draw the line, simply take a photo of the line on your finger so the jeweler can help you figure it out.

4 - Measure it with a Ruler or Trace It
Take a photo of their ring next to a ruler and/or place the ring on a piece of paper and use a fine pen to trace around the inside of the ring a few times.

5 - Just Ask Them!
Honestly, sometimes this is just the best way.  You can keep what the ring looks like a surprise, but having the correct ring size before you purchase it will give you greater peace of mind - and it will still be a surprise.