Blossoms Collection: The Dogwood

It’s the week after Easter, and what would be a more perfect flower to make its debut as the latest addition to the Blossoms Collection than a flower that blooms in time for Easter, the dogwood.

The dogwood tree’s blossoms are not the most popular of flowers, but these bountiful blooms found among the tree’s twisted branches hold a special religious mythology. This flowering tree is tied to the story of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, where it is said that a dogwood tree was used to create the cross he was nailed to because of its wood’s durability. Because of this, its flower has come to symbolize rebirth, resurrection, and purity.

Dogwood flowers

Aside from the religious meaning, dogwood flowers also symbolize strength because although the tree and its flowers look delicate, they both can actually withstand a variety of harsh weather conditions. And back in the Victorian era, dogwood flowers also came to symbolize deep affection because it was common for a bachelor to offer a sprig of blossoms from a dogwood tree to a woman he liked. If the woman returned the flowers to him, it meant she was interested in having him propose marriage to her. If she did not return the flowers, it meant only that she liked him back.

Dogwood flower blossoms necklace

When I was designing my dogwood jewelry, I wanted the flower to look as much as the actual flower you see in nature complete with those uniquely notched petals and set with small glowing peridot stones at each flower’s center.

You can go view the dogwood jewelry in the Blossoms Collection, and see all the other flowers that reside there.  

“Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature.” ~ Gerard De Nerval